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recognise only three subspecies of the common guillemot, Uria aalge, albionis, and hyperborea. ICES (2002) reports that most experts considered that it is not a separate subspecies. This background document therefore considers the Iberian population to belong to the common guillemot, Uria aalge. Ecology and breeding biology The Common Murre Uria aalge is listed as an endangered species in Japan and breeds only on Teuri Island, Hokkaido. The Teuri Island population has decreased from 8,000 birds in 1963 to 19 in 2010. They bred on sea-stack and cliff ledges (open habitat) before 1994, but mostly in cliff caves (closed habitat) after 1994. In closed habitat, the fledging rate was greater and the rate of population Genus: Uria Species: Uria aalge Subspecies: U. a.

Uria aalge iceland

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Uria aalge ibericus was first proposed as a subspecies by Salomonsen in the 1930s, Etelänkiisla; Uhanalaisuusluokitus; Elinvoimainen. Tieteellinen luokittelu; Domeeni: Etelänkiisla (Uria aalge) on nimestään huolimatta pohjoisten merialueiden mustavalkea lintu. The aim of this study was to investigate the presence of POPs, polybrominated contaminants and their metabolites in guillemot (Uria aalge) eggs from Iceland, the Faroe Islands, Norway and Sweden to assess spatial trends of these compounds in the Arctic and sub-Arctic areas of Europe. Based on a complete census in 2014, we estimated the number of Common Guillemots Uria aalge to 15,700 pairs, more than half (up to 70%) of the Baltic Sea population. The number has almost tripled since the early 1970s and the increase has been particularly strong the last 11 years, with an annual increase of 5.1%. Scientist with Common guillemot (Uria aalge). Staff from Natturustofa Noroausturlands (Northeast Iceland Nature Research Centre) catch seabirds at Skoruvikurbjarg bird cliffs on Langanes Peninsula, Iceland to fit and replace geolocators to monitor the bird's movements.

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Uria aalge californica hekkar på vestkysten i Nord-Amerika frå nordre delen av delstaten Washington til sør i California. obszary lęgowe obszary nielęgowe występuje przez cały rok Systematyka w Wikispecies Multimedia w Wikimedia Commons Hasło w Wikisłowniku Nurzyk zwyczajny , nurzyk , nurzyk podbielały (Uria aalge) – gatunek dużego ptaka wodnego z rodziny alk (Alcidae).

Uria aalge iceland

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157. Tordmule Alca torda [Razorbill]. 158. Vitvingad trut Larus glaucoides (Iceland Gull). Hör inte till Sillgrissla Uria aalge (Guillemot).

Vitvingad trut Larus glaucoides [Iceland Gull]. 144. Vittrut Larus hyperboreus Sillgrissla Uria aalge [Common Murre]. 157. Tordmule Alca torda [Razorbill]. 158.
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Uria aalge iceland

californica – U. a. hyperborea – U. a. inornata. Име [редактиране] Uria aalge (Pontoppidan, 1763) Синоними [редактиране] Colymbus aalge ; Позовавания [редактиране] Representative eggshells of the common murre's (Uria aalge) from Iceland, collected in 2014. Photo credit: B. Stauffer High interindividual variation in perceivable traits between focal subjects is a diagnostic property of identity signals; that is, traits used to communicate about and recognize a specific individual (Tibbetts & Dale, 2007 ).

rödspov, Limosa limosa. sillgrissla, Uria aalge. silltrut, Larus fuscus fuscus. Sillgrissla, Common murre, Uria aalge Tordmule, Razorbill, Alca torda. Tretåig mås häckar i en liten grotta där inte havssulan kan flyga.
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LE GUILLEMOT. URIA. Les Grecs l'appellent ουρια" (Brisson 1760): based on 'Uria' of Gessner 1555, Aldrovandus 1599-1603, and Jonston 1650, "Lomvia" of Clusius 1605, Nieremberg 1635, Willughby 1676, Uria aalge californica brütet an den Westküsten Nordamerikas von den nördlichen Teilen des Bundesstaates Washington bis ins südliche Kalifornien. Uria aalge inornata brütet im östlichen Nordkorea, nördlichem Hokkaidō, in der Oblast Sachalin, auf Kamtschatka, Beringmeer, Aleuten, Alaska und in British Columbia. As a result of the reported decline in Iceland, the estimated and projected rate of decline of the European population size over the period 2005-2050 (three generations) varies from 25% to more than 50% (BirdLife International 2015).

hyperborea. Vanlig Musse Björklund 2006-11-02. Tordmule, rasen islandica. Alca torda islandica. Razorbill, ssp.
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Seabirds of St. George Island November 27, 2020 Every year, close to two million birds nest on St. George Island, one of the Pribilof Islands in the Bering Sea, a couple hundred miles north of the Aleutian chain of Alaska.

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Uria aalge; guillemots (syn: common murres) are common auks of Iceland as well as in Europe as a whole. On land they look slender with their relative long  Uria aalge subspecies (5). Subspecies, Breeding subregion, Nonbreeding subregion, Extinct.

aalge - e Canada to Iceland, Scotland, s Norway and the Baltic Sea; U. a. hyperborea - n Norway to Svalbard and nw Russia; U. a.